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Our Manifesto

The Makers Manifesto


To MAKE on Earth as it is in heaven by developing and commissioning followers of Jesus Christ to love God and love others.

Our Beliefs

Doctrinal Beliefs:


God is our Maker

God is the maker of all things and we are made in His image.


Jesus is our Messiah

Jesus is the only hope for a lost world.


The Holy Spirit is our Means

Every believer has received the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth, convicts, comforts and empowers us to become the movement of God.


The Bible is our Manuscript

The Scriptures are God’s authoritative word to us.


People are the Movement

The Church is God’s agent for redemptive change and reconciliation.

Our Values



Are Made to Make

Humanity is designed by God to be uniquely generative; through our gifts and talents we build a better future.


Grow Together

Community is the best context for authentic transformation; we always make space for all to belong.


Serve Faithfully

Serving others with others is one of the quickest pathways to the heart of God; we commit to loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.


Risk Boldly

Jesus often calls us into the unknown; we are not afraid to fail and value the wisdom gained when we trust and follow him.


Embody Diversity

Every human being is uniquely made in the image of God; we choose to be united by our commonalities rather than divided by our differences.


Practice Peace

God has given us the ministry of reconciliation; as wounded healers we commit to being peacemakers.


Are Unfinished

We are all works in progress; through the power of Jesus, we are continuously being remade and renewed.

cultivate pathway for spiritual growth

A Pathway for Spiritual Growth



Cultivate is a relational, formational journey designed to help you grow spiritually, connect more deeply and live more fully. It's also one of the absolute best contexts in which to learn about Makers Church, our community, our mission, values and beliefs.

Discover More

Sunday Gathering

Our Sunday Gatherings aspire to create an experience that is engaging, authentic, relevant and life-giving – where you can experience God’s presence, be inspired and challenged by Scriptures and encouraged by healthy community. No matter your beliefs or background, you are welcome here!

Sunday Gathering
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Come as you are

Sunday Gathering