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Our Team

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Derrick Miller

Lead Pastor

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Chalese Young


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Patrick Ereno

Facilities Coordinator

Kristen Schweizer

Families Director

Kristen Ereno

Finance Coordinator

Rahim Matthew

Facilities Coordinator

Andrea McDermott

Administrative Coordinator

Nadiyah Albee

Kids Leader

Cheryl-Ann Phillips

Kids Leader

Martha Haines

Experience Coordinator

Jayna Russel

Administrative Director

Chelsea Knox

Care Team Coordinator


Through the merge of these two churches, 2 specific prayers were answered. Makers prayed to be connected to a history. North Park Baptist prayed to have a future. We truly believe our coming together is a gift from God. Makers is entrusted with carrying the 100 year history of the NPBC into the future and making an impact for the next 100 years.