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To Know And Be Known

by Jayna Russel

I didn’t grow up going to church. At least I should say I didn’t grow up going to church regularly. Being a painfully shy kid, this meant that I was perpetually the new kid, always the odd man out sitting alone at the craft table while the other kids played. As a result, church was a strange experience for me, almost like the proverbial poor kid at Christmas time, peering through the shop windows at all the warmth and magic unfolding before my eyes. On the outside looking in, I couldn’t help but wonder what it might feel like to truly belong.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and I now have a child of my own. She’s a sweet little angel of a kid, with the Hungarian hot-temperedness of her dad and the introverted bookwormy-ness of her mom. Like any parent, I want many things for her. Things like riches, fame, and glory would be nice. Yet what I desire most for her is much more down-to-earth, mainly to be known, valued, and connected to a community that reflects God’s love back to her. I want her to grow and thrive among people who know her name and remind her of her worth, who engage richly in the love and work of God, and urge her on towards her own creative purpose on this earth.

Makers Church is a place where we can do that for each other, where we can know and be known, and where we can reflect God’s love back to one another. We can create a time and a place for engaging in God’s creative work together, and the quality of the community we create will be woven into the fabric of our children’s minds. Our love and respect and kindness will create the inner lining of their souls. And when they embark out into the world on their own, they will never have to doubt that they are known, they are treasured, and they are loved.

When we show up with our daughter on Sunday mornings, this is our hope and our prayer. And this is also our commitment to you and your kids. This is the commitment we make to one another, that we reflect God’s love to one another, and ensure that another generation of amazing kids will live to tell the tale and walk in the footsteps of our Maker.

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