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A Mother’s Kiss

by Gill Sotu

Shhh… now don’t tell nobody
but I HEAR tell that a mama’s kiss don’t just die after it’s left its mark on your skin
No sir, no ma’am…
I ain’t no mama,
But I am told that a mother’s kiss can exist years after it’s initial creation
It becomes pure energy, building invisibly like Super Mario bricks
to help mothers see over the walls we build when we get a bit too much “TEEN-AGY“

A mother’s kiss is verbal and nonverbal
it is physical and spiritual
It tattoos itself upon your being
Its ink becomes a part of your bones, your blood
That is why when you are about to step out of the boundaries of your character,
your mother’s voice echoes thick inside of you
(I know ya’ll ignore it, but it’s there!)

Mama, we are ETERNALLY bound together
with rope only God can see
And according to you, none of MY MISTAKES can break
We are both BROKEN but you make the pieces come together beautifully
Like puzzles, of crosses, of a Savior,
washing the feet of those who felt like they didn’t deserve it
I never deserved it
your dedication
I HATED rubbing your feet when you were tired from spending your time protecting mine,
serving my happiness Mama the cook and the waiter/mama the soldier…

Mama the poet, Mama the judge and jury
Mama the silly, Mama the psychic
Mama the prayer warrior, Mama the quiet
Mama the single parent, Mama the lioness
Mama the life tamer, Mama the entrepreneur
Mama the soft strength through hard times
Mama the big smiles dealing with small people

Mama the love, mama the love,
I am SO HONORED to be awarded recipient of your love

A mother’s kiss means PROTECTION
A mother’s kiss means you are probably crying over something that is ultimately not that important,
but we will both PRETEND that it is
A mother’s kiss means you have just MISSED the lesson that is SO IMPORTANT,
but we will both PRETEND you are STILL the BRIGHTEST bulb in the Vegas
Scientists are still trying to discover why a mother’s kiss heals an
injured SPIRIT or SCAB 77X faster than the leading brands

A mother’s kiss means there is SO MUCH I want to tell you
It means I want to INTIMATELY know ALL that you are,
A mother’s kiss means GOD will heal all things I can not
It means that it is not always easy,
but I am giving you over to HIM
I only want THE BEST for you—
I want to be MY BEST for you
My kiss is my magnet, bringing out the best IN YOU

Mama the chocolate thief, Mama the constant cuddler
Mama the baker and the candlestick maker
Mama the homework warden, Mama the fun police
Mama the party starter, Mama the embarrassing dancer
Mama the graceful, Mama the maker of feast from famine
Mama the biological, Mama the chosen
Mama the selfless, Mama the underrated
Mama— MY LOUDEST fan in the audience,
I can hear you over EVERYONE,
And I KNOW I am unabashedly yours

Mama the love, Mama the love,
Today I stand SO HONORED to be awarded recipient of your love