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All Things New

by Hollyanne Simon

Eight months ago I was in a season where all things were new. And believe me, when I say all things I really do mean all things. My son was just six weeks old when I found myself looking for a new Church home, my husband had just left to go back out to sea with the Navy and I was diving head first into a new job in a new field. And here’s the thing, even though everything beneath me felt as though it was shifting I was in desperate need of a fresh community to call home. Trust me, I didn’t want to add one more new thing but I knew it was needed and it was time. Although I had the support of some great friends and family, I needed to find a place to call home and begin connecting with other Moms as soon as possible. Before my husband shipped out we came to Makers and instantly knew that this is where God had led us and He had a purpose and a plan. We went all in.

I signed up to join a Moms Community Group and I will never forget my first morning going. I am not the nervous type and although I am typically outgoing, it was difficult for me to walk into a new environment with new people on top of everything else new in my life. The moment I walked into the home filled with moms, babies and kids I felt a wave of relief. I knew I was at the right place and I began envisioning all the future friendships that would grow from my simple step of faith. My son and I were instantly welcomed, genuinely encouraged and thoughtfully cared for from the moment we arrived. The opportunity to hear from women that had already walked this new path of motherhood I found myself on, left me feeling abundantly blessed. No one was acting as though they had it all together and in that moment it clicked—I was not alone in this journey as a new mom and these women were my people.

His word tells us that He is making us new.

In the Message translation of the Bible Isaiah 18-19 reads, “Forget about what’s happened; don’t keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out!“. New is exciting, yet difficult. New is inspiring, yet scary. New is opportunity, yet unknown. New takes faith in action and can sometimes leave us feeling lost. It is easy to be comfortable in what we already know. We must remember that just because it is comfortable doesn’t mean it is right. I was certainly comfortable before all the newness but in the same breath I knew I needed to move forward. God was making me new and I was growing in the process.

As many of you know, it is that time of the year where we launch our Community Groups at Makers. Not only am I thrilled to be connecting weekly with all the fabulous Moms at Makers, I am thrilled to be co-leading one of these groups. I look forward to more community, more growth and more new in this next season. My husband and I are expecting another son in July, there will be more time apart as a family, we choose orders in June for what and where is next for our family along with so much more that is unknown. I don’t know what’s next, none of us do. It’s terrifying and wonderful, and I suppose that’s just real life, right? I may not know what’s waiting around the next corner but what I do know is that in the newness I will choose hope and anticipation for all the good to come.

*To sign up for a Spring Community Group today, click here!

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