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by Ozioma Enworom

As a registered nurse working in the Emergency Department, I had the privilege of joining a diverse team from Makers Church as we launched our first medical clinic in Punta Colonet, Mexico. The purpose of this clinic was to gather general information about the people living in the local community so that we can learn how to better serve them in the future. During our time there, we were able to administer a health survey to assess the medical needs and current resources available to the people in the community; perform a basic physical examination; and hand out vitamins and pain medication according to each individual’s needs. We were very fortunate to have team members and translators who spoke Spanish help us communicate with the native people. After the clinic, we were invited to the Mayor of Colonet’s home for a delicious meal. I am so humbled by the hospitality we received throughout our trip and the potential partnership opportunities for Makers Church in the future.

Outside of our time in the clinic, we worked on basic construction projects. The simple act of staining a door or sanding a staircase may seem trivial, but at the end of every day, each repetitive movement helped contribute to building a beautiful foundation for a future children’s day care center. My favorite part of the trip was getting to know the people from our Makers community. Whether it was sharing silly stories on the road, playing with estranged animals, or shrewdly building allies through the mysterious game of Mafia, we were able to connect with each other on a real level. Although the work we have to do as a movement is still unfinished, it is encouraging to see how God is using the Makers community to cross cultural and spiritual borders in order to make on earth as it is in heaven.